Situated at an elevation of between 320 and 400 metres above sea level, the Botanic Garden offers a range of micro-climates including ravine, hillside, meadow, a river, waterfalls and natural forest. Situated in the village of Kutuh Kaja, the Garden faces the Bird Village of Petulu, home of the famous white egrets.

The Botanic Garden includes:

  • The Great Fountain
  • The Fern Garden
  • The Chocolate Grove
  • The Heliconia Hill
  • The Fragrant Flowers
  • The Meditation Court with ancient Banyan tree
  • The Bamboo Grove
  • The Titan/ Rafflesia
  • The 3 Orchid Houses
  • The Water Lily Pond
  • The Herbal Garden
  • The Rain Forest Observation Post
  • The Bromeliad Garden
  • The Maze ( Labyrinth)
  • The Palm Hill
  • The Indonesian Orchard
  • The Islamic Garden
  • The Succulent Garden / Dragon Fruit
  • The Alang Alang Trail
  • Children's Area / Botanic School under development

For a first impression please take a look at our location map.

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